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ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified

ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified

ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified   ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified

ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle for Adults 750W 48V16Ah Build-in Lithium Large Battey Long Range 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike All Terrien Mountain Snow Beach City Cruiser Electric Bike Engine Pro. 1000W(PEAK) Long Range Foldable Ebike. 20x4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires. 3 Step Alloy Foldable Frame. 48V 16Ah Lithium Removalble Battery.

Front and rear hydraulic breaks. Hub Motor: 48V 1000W(PEAK). Range Per Charge: 100KM/62 Mile. The data is tested in Pedal Assist Mode, actual range may vary based on the road conditions, riders' weight, etc.

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Foldable Frame. Tires: 20x4.0 Integrated All Terrain Fat Tires. Net Weight (With Battery): 83 Lbs / 37.8KG.

Max Load Capacity: 300 Lbs. Saddle: PVC Leather, 260mm200mm / 8.66 Inch7.87Inch. Handlebar: 560mm/22inch wide Aluminum Alloy. Unfolded Length: 68.90inches/175.00cm. Folded Length: 40.94inches/104.00cm.

Handle To Floor (Lowest): 48.43inches/123.0cm. Handle To Floor (Top): 51.18inches/130.00cm. Seat To Floor (Lowest): 33.86inches/86.00cm.

Seat To Floor (Highest): 42.52inches/108.00cm. Pedals To Floor (Lowest): 4.72inches/12.00cm. Width Of Handlebar Bars: 22.44inches/57.00cm. Distance From Handlebar To Seat: 20.28inches/51.50cm. Seat Length: 10.24inches/26.00cm.

Seat Width: 7.87inches/20.00cm. Length Of Rear Storage Rack: 13.50inches/34.30cm. Width Of Rear Storage Rack: 6.89inches/17.50cm. Battery Size: 16.422.2427.56inches/41.705.7011.30cm. Dimensions Of The Box: 56.30inches(143cm)11.81inches(30cm)27.56inches(70cm)/.

Bike Weight: 69.67lbs/31.60kg. Package Weight: 84.88lbs/38.50kg. Foldable Bike: The adult electric bicycle body weight 69.6 lbs, load bearing 330lbs, height-adjustable seat and front, suitable for most people. Unfolded size 68.822.448.4 inches, folded size 40.921.633 inches, simple and safe.

The quick-release design can be easily folded by one person, saving space, and can be placed in the corner at home or put into the trunk of the car when traveling. Full Shock Absorption: Equipped with upgraded front fork spring hydraulic shock absorber and frame high performance movement shock absorber, full bike body damping, and the bump is greatly reduced, with 204.0 inches rubber snow fat tire, makes you feel like riding on flat terrain when riding the mountain electric bike on rough roads such as mountain roads, dirt roads, stone roads, etc. Super Long Mileage: Equipped with an upgraded 16AH battery, it can go up to 31 miles in pure electric mode and up to 75 miles in assist mode; 48V/750W high-power brushless motor, maximum speed up to 30 mph.

Please Note, there are 2 types of displays. ENGWE Engine Pro Electric Bike. 48V 16Ah Lithium Removable Battery. Front and rear hydraulic brakes. Range Per Charge: 31 Miles(electric mode)/75 Miles(assist mode).

Max Load Capacity: 330 Lbs. Size:68.822.448.4 inches. Folding Size:40.921.633 inches.

Full aluminum alloy Coil Suspension & Hydraulic Lockout Travel: 100 mm. Spring Loaded Swingarm Rear Suspension. Suspension absorbers effectively filter out vibrations during bumpy road sections and improve the riding comfort. Alloy Rack & Iron Fenders. Full aluminum alloy solid rack.

Functional rear rack included Front and Rear fenders. Streamlined design and Iron Fenders.

Rear Light & Headlight with Horn. Head Light: LED Headlamp with Horn. Rear Light: Integrated LED Light.

Simple and commonly used style. Something About the E·Pas You May Want to Know.

How Does the E·pas Work? At Pedals Assistance Mode 0/1 for longer that thanks to the energy regeneration tech that. Charges the battery automatically for 20% power.

Meanwhile, the intelligent sensor engages the E. Regenerate 60% energy when you're going downhill, also Zero Energy Consumption. How About the Maintenance of the E·pas? It is Better than the Regular Battery in Which Way?

Due to the characteristics of lithium batteries, the lithium ions will crystallize after the power is exhausted, thereby blocking the electrode rods, resulting in a decrease in the electrolyte and a decrease in the activity of the lithium ions. Above that is the main reason for the shortened life of lithium batteries after repeated charging and discharging. The correct way is to charge in time, don't wait for the power to run out before charging. The E·pas power regeneration technology will keep the lithium-ion activity at any time which will increase instead of reducing the battery life. Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle. 48V / 16AH Build-in Removable Lithium Battery. 28-30MPH (PAS) / 26-28MPH (Electric). 62-75 Miles (PAS)/ 38-43 Miles (Electric). Advanced Colorful LCD Display with Cruise Control. Artificial Mechanics Aluminum Alloy Frame. 20" x 4.0" Anti-Skid Cross-Country Tires. Coil Suspension & Hydraulic Lockout. 70 lbs / 31.6kg. 30 x 14 x 26 inches / 76 x 35 x 66 cm. 39 x 18 x 32 inches / 100 x 45 x 80 cm.
ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified   ENGWE Upgrade Folding Electric Bicycle 20 4.0 Fat Tire E-Bike UL2849Certified