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500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed

500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed

500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed    500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed
20 Folding Electric Bike 500W Ebikes for Adult. Foldable Ebike with 48V Removable Battery. Professional 7 Speed Adult Electric Bicycle Commuter Bike Full Suspension Cruise Control. The battery pack secured and protected inside the main tube of the bike, which gives the bike a sleek and beautiful appearance and protects it from physical shock and the elements. This ebike can meet your commuting needs, get you out of congested traffic and get to your destination quickly and safely.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, I would highly recommend this bike to you. This ebike have the same configuration as mountain bikes, they can adapt to a variety of terrains, you can enjoy the thrill of cycling, and if you want to relax your legs, you can switch to electric mode.

You can bring your family or friends to a picnic or camp once in a while and make life colorful! Upgraded motor improves uphill climbing, giving you more speed, more freedom and more fun, enough to meet your. The ebike is equipped with a 3. 22-25 miles in electric mode. 25-50 miles in pedal assist mode. To adapt bikes to special paths like hills, gravel trails, etc. To provide you with a. Cruise Control Mode &Pure Electric Mode & Pedal Assist Mode & Normal Bike Mode. With the LED smart meter button, you can choose the 3-speed modes of electric bike and assisted bike. The bicycle is equipped with a support frame and handle, which is. Motor: 500W rear hub motor(700W Peak Power). 48V/7.8Ah Lithium Ion Battery. Gear shift system: Shimano 7-Speed Gears. Brake System: Double disc brakes.

Lights: Headlights and rear reflectors. Max Speed: 19.8 Mph.

5 riding Modes: Normal Bike/Electric Mode/Pedal-assist Mode/Normal bike mode/Boost Mode/Cruise Mode. Fold Size: 32.6x23.2 inch. Unfold Size: 63x47x22.4 inch. Seat Adjustable Height: 27 - 44 inch.

Handlebar Adjustable Height: 44 - 47 inch. Recommend Height: 4.9-6.2ft.

26'' Electric Bike for Adults. 500W Ebike with 48V Removable Battery. Electric Commuter Cruiser Bike 20MPH & 50 Mile City Electric Bicycle with Cruise Control. Is classically streamlined and precisely engineered with a.

For the frame and rims. 48V 7.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery. 500W high speed brushless motor. - This electric bicycle is equipped with 500W brushless silent motor and can reach up to 20 mph. It is designed for around-town riding, recreational city riding, or extended commutes.

Professional Gear& Light & Brakes? - 7-speed gear increases the climbing ability, Dual disc brakes with brake cut-off function. The bell, bright LED headlight and brake light ensure safe riding at night. - Normal bicycle & Pedal-assist bicycle & Pure electric bicycle & Boost mode 4 modes. The LED display can be freely switched, both through the mechanical pedals in order to exercise, but also pedal assistance to entertain, of course, there is also the throttle to speed up.

In the electric mode, short press the switch key on the meter to turn on the constant speed cruise mode. To turn off, please turn the throttle or lightly brake. - Low step-through frame, wide and swept-back ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat. Helps you maintain an upright and relaxed riding position. The lightweight and efficient design help to travel further and save energy.

Power Supply: Removable 48V 7.8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. Charge Time:4-5hrs fast charge.

Working Modes: E-Bike & Assisted Bike & Normal Bike & Booster Mode & Cruise Control Mode. Mileage:32(e-bike)-50Miles(assisted bike). Number Of Speeds: 7 Speed Shifter. Seat Adjustable Height: 33.4 - 46.4 in.

Handlebar Adjustable Height: 43.7 - 46.2 in. Package Size: 58.6x9.4x26in. Recommended Height: 5'1"-6'3". Brake: Front and Rear Disc. Seat: Cushion & Rear Rack.

Free Accessory: Front and rear fenders & Chain cover. Frame Type: Low-step rounded frame. Handlebars: Swept-back large swallow handlebars. Power ON/OFF: Insert the key and press the "M" button for 2 seconds. Power Level UP/ DOWN: Press the "+" or "-" button to increase/decrease the pedal assist level from "Low-Medium- High". Higher Acceleration: Set the assist level to "High", press the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, twist the throttle. Headlight ON/OFF: Press the "+" button for 2 seconds. 3+1 Modes: E-bike Mode /Pedal Assist Mode/ Normal Mode / Walk Assist Mode (Boost Mode). Type3 26'' Black Red/ Black Blue/ White Blue(Folding). Electric Bike 26 Electric Bike for Adults. Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 500W Motor. Bicycle for adults is equipped with a 500W high-speed brushless motor. 48V large-capacity removable lithium-ion battery.

The 4-6 hours of charging time is enough for your daily commute or a day of biking in the mountains. You can choose any speed by turning the shift lever according to your needs. He professional configuration of the 3-speed chainwheel and 7-speed free-wheel, and can achieve stronger climbing ability.

Features an ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy frame that can quickly fold and be stored in the trunk of a car or at home. Equipped with adjustable seats, handlebars, and handlebars, as well as removable batteries, it can adapt to people of different heights and weights, providing you with a comfortable experience. E-bike, Assisted bicycle, and Normal bicycle, with uphill booster mode and cruise control mode.

To ride faster, you can choose an electric bicycle mode to enjoy a long trip, or an ordinary bicycle to exercise. In pure electric mode, press the power button to enter cruise mode and keep a constant speed. Modes is your great choice for commuting, traveling, and cycling. The operation is simple, by adjusting the left and right shift levers, you can see the power and speed of the mountain bike at a glance. 500W regular output power/700W peak output power.

Throttle: 22-25 miles; Pedal assist: 44-50 miles. LED 3-Speed Smart Meter Button. Front and Rear Disc Brakes. Mileage Range: Electric Mode (32miles) - Pedal Assist Mode (50miles). Assembled product size: 672642.5in.

Adjustable height of handle:38.5-42.5in. Adjustable height of the seat: 32.3-37.2in.

Foldable Size : 35.9in 34.3in. Electric Bike 500W Cruiser Ebike 26 Electric Bike for Adults. 20 MPH Women Ebikes for Adults with 48V Removable Battery. 7 Speed Cruise Control Bike. The stronger motor of ebike provides enough power for your travel and life.

Equipped with a 3-level power assist and professional 7 speed gears, your riding become responsive at any time and satisfies your every acceleration. E-bike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike & Cruise control mode & Assist push mode. You can select 3-speed modes of assisted bike and Electric bi.

Can also choose to turn off the power to enjoy the fun of normal bike. Shock Absorption & Dual Disc Brakes? The electric bicycle equipped with sturdy suspension fork can effectively absorb shocks during riding, anti-slip tires.

Reliable front and rear disc brakes provide greater stopping power, allowing for precise and instant braking even in wet weather. You can easily adjust the height of the handlebar and seat for a customized ride.

It can be flexibly adjusted to your height and riding style. This bike has a rear seat design, which can be used to check in some goods or carry people (under safe conditions), bringing a different experience to your journey and making life more convenient. Motor: 48V 500W high-speed brushless motors. Battery: 48V/7.8Ah Lithium Ion Battery. Display: LED smart meter button.

Bicycle weight: About 59.5 lbs. Pedal Assist Mode Range: 35-50miles/56-80km. 67.70 x 24.80 x 44.00 Inches.

How To Use The Dashboard. Pure Electric Mode : Low, medium and high three speed gears. Assisted Mode : Turn on the meter, step on the pedal, the motor will assist you to start. Pedal Mode : Human riding mode, just turn off the meter, motor will not do work. Cruise Control Mode : Ride without pedaling & throttle, advance at a set speed.

Boost Push Mode : Long press "-" button for 3 second, the motor will help you push the bike. Type5 26'' Black/ White(Fat Tire). Electric Bike 500W 26 x 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike with 48V 13Ah Removable Battery, 7 Speed, 25MPH, Cruise Control, Up to 50 Miles for Commuting, Beach, Snow.

26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike eqiped with 48V 13AH Removable Li-ion Battery. 3 levels Pedal Assistance, Bring you a perfect riding experience, let those who love cycling enjoy it, and let beginners fall in love with cycling! This Electric bike fat tire is equipped with a. 48V 500W high-speed brushless motor. Which increases a stronger mountaineering performance, offers enough power for daily commuting.

Take you to your destination quickly. Wide puncture resistant fat tires, provide you with excellent traction. You can easily ride over.

Beach, snow, gravel, rain, dirt, sand and even ice. And enjoy the ultimate e-bike adventure. Large Capacity 13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery? This e bike is features a bulit-in 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery, can be charged both on the frame and removable, 4hrs fast charge can provides a range of. Up to 45 miles/19 Mph.

With upgraded smart chip, you can get the bike status such as. At a glance of the intelligent. Immerse yourself in riding scientifically. Throttle mode, pedal assist, cruise control mode, you can also turn off the power and enjoy the fun of a normal bike. This Ebike is equipped with a powerful 48V 500W brushless motor that can reach a top speed of.

Making it easily for mountain or trail riding. Suppress vibrations for a smooth ride on rough roads. Shifting allows you to choose the right speed, The perfect blend of sport and mobility, just the way you choose. Press the "+" button for 2 seconds to turn on or off the LCD backlight and front light. Suitable for low external light conditions or night driving.

Motor : 500W high speed brushless motor. Meter: Intelligent Digital LCD Display. 30(e bike)-45Miles(assisted bike mode).

Shock Absorber: High Strength Carbon Steel Suspension Fork. Tires: Professional Mountain 264.0 anti-skid tires.

74.4127.3647.24 inch. Seat Adjustable Height: 32.28inch-42.52inch. Package Size: 61.410.230.7inch.

26 Ebike 500W Adult Electric Bicycles. 20MPH Electric Mountain Bike with 48V Removable Battery. Electric city and commuter bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, electric folding bikes, and even electric beach cruisers.

You just need a happy ride with our ebikes, bring you more freedom and fun. Provides sufficient power for commuting.

Even on off-road, steep stone paths, the electric bike can easily go uphill. You can take it to charge at home or in the office to avoid being stolen. Anti-slip tires are suitable for trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, increase climbing ability, reduces the bumps. Precise shifting and effortless operation delivers a smooth, efficient and natural ride feeling, no matter how or where ridden.

Adjustable height and angle handlebars. Easy saddle height adjustment with quick release design. 33.07" - 42.52".

Our ebikes with brake cut-off protection, so when you pull the lever, the motor will stop generating power. Good elasticity, moisture resistance and stronger oxidation resistance.

This electric bicycle uses professional mountain bike tires to ensure the excellent grip. Which effectively reduces the bumps. Gives you a great smooth ride, that handles bumps, rocks and uneven terrain beautifully. Bright headlights and reflectors will provide you with a good view of the road for safe night driving.

Whole Height(from handlebars): 38-44.3. Packing: Pearl cotton + Brown box. Package Size: 54 x 9.6 x 26.

Package Weight: 59.4 lb. Fork: Iron shoulder shock absorption front fork.

Brake type: mechanical disc brake. Motor power: 500W Brushless Motor. Meter: LED 3-speed Level Smart Meter. Riding mode: pure electric mode, assist mode, pedal mode. Support system: Brake power-cut protection.

Pure Electric Mode: Choose the power modes, then twisting the throttle. Pedal Assist Mode: Choose the power modes, then pedaling the pedal without twisting the throttle. Normal Bike Mode: ride it like a normal bike without turning on the motor, allowing for a good workout. Cruise Control Mode: Ride without pedaling & throttle, advance at a set speed. Boost Push Mode: Long press "-" button for 3 second, the motor will help you push the bike. The item is UL 2849 certified with a link to the UL Product iQ.
500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed    500W Electric Bike for SALE 20/26in E-Mountain Bicycle Commute Ebike 21 Speed